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Ocean Scene Surf School Lahinch

One off 2 hr lesson € 35 – Lahinch Surf Centre surf school

Your first surf lesson involves a bit of theory on the beach where you learn about ocean awareness and local conditions including tides currents waves wind etc, you will learn about board control and how to safely proceed with the lesson ,we practice board positioning, paddling technique, how to catch waves and pop up to your feet.

Then we hit the waves and with our help we will ensure you catch waves using our experience and knowledge of surf coaching!
Over the next hour and as half you will be amazed at how much fun surfing is and will quickly gain the skills needed to surf standing up on your own , surfing all the way to the beach , all the time we will be helping you with thoughtful and positive feedback.

Guaranteed smiles all round!

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Surfing Lahinch

2 day course €65 – Lahinch surf centre Surf school

To make the most of your time here with us at surf school Lahinch Centre, we recommend the 2 day course so you can iron out the kinks in technique from your first lesson.

We also cover some more basic turns and generally progress from the first lesson.

3 day surf course Ocean scene surf school lahinch

3 Day course €95 – Lahinch surf centre surf school

If you have time a 3 day course is the ultimate to get your surfing skills on the right track. Depending on your ability we will get you on the right track to your new surfing career. We take it one step further from the 2 day course to hone your skills and work on any areas of your surfing technique that need improving!

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