LAHINCH SURF RENTALS….. 20 euro for 2 hours includes showers, sauna, jacuzzi, and steam room & changing rooms

Lahinch surf rentals, Ireland

Lahinch surf rentals

A large Selection of Surf Boards and Wetsuits are available to rent all year round at Lahinch Surf Centre

We are delighted with our new range of surf rental surf boards from moors surf co , These boards are hand shaped first before covered in the outer foam layer so essentially they are light and turn similar to normal hard boards but give float and safety of a foam board, come and see for yourself, Better boards make you surf better that’s a fact !

Renting these Boards will take your surfing to the next level.

We also have hard boards for the beginner intermediate and advanced surfer including mini mals Long boards, fish’s, and some short boards

We have high quality Billabong, Typhoon, Gul, and Rip Curl Wetsuits available  for hire !

We are located at the front 5 Metres from the beach at Lahinch In front of the swinning pool at Lahinch lesuire centre in the beach car park in Lahinch , All rentals come with  a free hot  shower, sauna , Jacuzzi steam room Changing rooms and Lockers. No other surf school in Lahinch offers this!

Lahinch Surfing, lahinch surf rentals

Lahinch surf rentals

surfbaord Rentals LahinchMoors Ride it easy Soft top 9 “ & 8” -15 euro for 2 hours

  • Bic surfboard size 7, 10, -15 euro for 2 hours
  • Epoxy size 7,6 -15 euro for 2 hours
  • Surf board and wetsuit for 2 hrs 20 euro
  • Wetsuit only 10 euro for 2 hours

Premium Selection! for 2 hour rentals

  • Surf tech Takayama 7, 6 . 25 euro
  • Stewart 9’ 4” pin tail perfection. 20 euro
  • Escape 6, 6 fat fish 20 euro
  • Al Merrick 6, 6” Kelly model 6’6” 20 euro
  • Mark Richards Super twin 6’3 “ 20 euro
  • Clayton 6.2 Quad short board 20 euro
  • Cequential 7.4 semigun 20 euro

Surf Rentals in Lahinch are subject to Tidal conditions! For your safety, no rentals are permitted two hours before High Tide and until 2 hours after High tide and times vary from day to day so get in touch on 0868120400 for schedules on required days or email us on

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