Lahinch Surf Forecast and Surf Rental Times for the coming week

Monday 10th of April to Friday 15th April 2017

Winds have turned north west in direction which is a common wind pattern around May in Ireland but it has hit us a bit early this year , Monday and tuesday will have some small waves and We will see an increase in swell on Wednesday , winds will be light on monday and tuesday and a bit stronger on wednesday , thursday and friday at this stage looks to have some surf also , all be it a bit small,

What this all means for beginners is that there will be waves all week and plenty of white water to get practising on !

We are open from 9.30 a.m every day and surf lessons will be at 1 p,m daily

Surf rentals will be around the tides as always so here are the cut off times for the week

Monday 10th April Lahinch surf rentals finish at 3.15 p.m
Tuesday 11th April Lahinch surf rentals finish at 4 p.m
Wednesday 12th of April Surf Rentals Finish at 4.30 p.m
Thursday 14th of April Lahinch Surf rentals finish at 5. p.m
Friday 15th of April Lahinch Surf rentals finish at 6 p.m

Surf Lessons Daily at 1 p.m

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