Great spring swells 2013

Ok I know it has been cold the last few weeks but we have had an epic run of swell here in Lahinch!
We saw epic conditions on all of our surrounding reefs since Christmas, Countless days ( ok well maybe you can count them ) of off shore winds and thumping swell has been keeping local and travelling surfers happy catering for all levels from the mere mortals like myself to the super fit dare devils that take on the now world famous big wave spots like the heaviest slab in Europe ;

Reilly’s and The treacherous wave known as “Aileen’s” which breaks at the bottom of the 700 foot Cliffs of Moher.
It won’t be long now till the gloves and hoods come off and we start to enjoy the warmer temps of the summer! Heres hoping we get plenty of waves and not too many flat spells over the summer!

There are plenty of spots around county Clare that become more user friendly during the summer that would normally be out of bounds during the winter due to the waves being too big! Just get out there and search and if you do find a secret spot just remember to keep it a secret.

Happy Wave hunting!
Ollie Welsh

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